May 26th, 2012

We produce many items of shrimp product.
These some shrimp species that we produce :

  • - Black Tiger (Penaeus Monodon)
  • - White Shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei)
  • - Black Pink (Penaeus Monoceros)
  • - Sea caught White (Penaeus Indicus)
  • - Flower Shrimp (Penaeus Semisulcatus)

And Some Others

Our products are:

Product Size Pack
Head On Shell On (HO) 4/6 to 51/60 Semi IQF, IQF
HeadLess Shell On (HLSO) 4/6 to 51/60 IQF, Block Frozen
Head On Body Peeled 4/6 to 21/30 Semi IQF
EZ Peel 16/20 to 51/60 IQF
Raw Peeled Deveined Tail On 8/12 to 91/120 IQF
Peeled Deveined Tail Off 13/15 to 200/300 IQF, Block Frozen
Cooked Peeled Deveined Tail On 16/20 to 91/120 IQF
Sashimi L to 5L Vacuum pack
Nobashi Ebi L to 6L Vacuum Pack
Ebi Fry 16/20 to 31/40 on Tray
And Some Others

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